MATT SCHNEIDER At-home-dad and co-organizer of TheNYCDadsGroup.

Matt Schneider with his two boys.

AGE   36

HOMETOWN   Born in Englewood Colorado, Manhattan resident for nine years

NUMBER OF CHILDREN   2 boys, Max (6), and Sam (nearly 3)

DAY JOB   At-home dad, Co-Organizer for the NYC Dads Group, writer and advisor to ThirdPath Institute

RELATIONSHIP STATUS   Friends for 18 years, together for 12, married for 9

@TWITTER   @nycdadsgroup


FAVORITE CHILD if applicable* Both boys have an equal opportunity to be my favorite, or least favorite, at any given moment.


Some people call our arrangement “reverse-traditional.” My wife works full-time and I manage the care of our kids and our home during the week. That being said, my wife is very active with the kids in the mornings, when she gets home from work in the evenings, and on the weekends. Several years ago, I gave myself the gift of having a babysitter come over two afternoons per week, but she recently cut me down to one day! My little one started pre-school last year so I use some of that time, in addition to the one afternoon our babysitter still comes, to work.


I really don’t like when I find myself being the gatekeeper and making faces after my wife gets the boys dressed or when I see what she has decided to feed them for breakfast. Usually, her clothing choices and breakfast selections are perfectly fine, but perhaps not what I had in mind. More importantly, my negative responses deprive my wife of the opportunity to be the mother she wants to be, and the mother she wants our boys to see. I also lose the opportunity to have a parenting partner that feels confident in making parental decisions, and it’s certainly nice to have someone else that is ready, willing and able to clothe and feed our sons.


I’m happiest when the four of us are eating dinner together and sharing stories of their day. It seems like we’re doing something right when I can manage to cook a meal everyone will eat, my wife can manage to make it home in time for dinner, and my toddler can sit at the table without deciding that he’s “done” after two bites. Our goal is to create more of these moments over time.


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