ELLEN SEIDMAN Loves that Max.

Ellen & Max. Photo by Yasmeen Anderson www.yasmeenphoto.com.

AGE   43

HOMETOWN   New Jersey

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FAVORITE CHILD   if applicable* (we’re joking*) Depends on the day (*not* joking)

DAY JOB   Magazine editor



First off: I don’t combine them. I try to keep them as separate as possible, so that I have a work life and I have a family life. I work during the day, I come home, I’m a mom. I might work some more after the kids are asleep. I don’t work on weekends. I’m able to head off to work, worry-free, because of the wonderful nanny who has been with us for eight years, since my son was born. We knew at birth that he was going to have special needs and she stuck with our family. She deserves sainthood. Having dependable childcare is what makes my work life WORK!


My best and worst parenting moment was my son’s birth. He came out seemingly perfect, with outstanding Apgars (“Even pediatrician’s kids don’t have Apgars like that!” one of the ob-gyns joked). He started having seizures the next day. Doctors discovered he’d had a bilateral stroke**. Yes, a stroke. They’re not that uncommon in infants, a 1 in 4000 occurrence at birth. Doctors told us he might never walk or talk, that he could be cognitively impaired, that his vision and hearing might be affected. My husband and I were devastated. This wasn’t the parenthood we’d envisioned, just the opposite.

And yet, years later, I think of that day as my best parenting moment (well, aside from the birth of my daughter). Because I gave birth to a beautiful boy, who went on to defy the doom-saying doctors and amaze us all. At 8, Max walks, even runs. He speaks some words, and uses an iPad with a speech app to communicate. He sees and hears just fine. He is bright and perpetually cheerful, and charms everyone who meets him.

Oh, and he is devastatingly handsome, if I do say so myself.


Second Editor’s Note** For support and more information about bilateral stroke, see The Pediatric Stroke Networkhttp://www.pediatricstrokenetwork.com

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