RON MATTOCKS Clark Kent’s lunchbox and James Bond’s charisma.

Ron Mattocks HeadshotAGE   38 (but there are no records to prove this)

HOMETOWN   Meadville, PA

NUMBER OF CHILDREN   Five; 3 boys & 2 step-daughters

DAY JOB   I am a stay-at-home dad, but I also work as a freelance writer and a social media marketing consultant for small to medium-size businesses

RELATIONSHIP STATUS   I am re-married to a wonderful, talented, intelligent, and gorgeous woman who does not like Coldplay

@TWITTER   @CK_Lunchbox


FAVORITE CHILD   if applicable* (we’re kidding*) I determine who my favorite child is by holding a series of gladiator-like feats of strength—they always end up in a five-way tie.


To some extent my family literally is my work since most of the writing I do has something to do with them. When it comes to who-does-what though, we never really had a set discussion; things just sort of fell into place. I take care of the kids from morning until homework is completed, and my wife picks up with making dinner and putting the kids to bed.


With five kids there’s way too many moments to narrow down, but the one situation that I continually feel sick about is when I accuse one of them of doing something wrong—and they’re innocent. Once, I got angry with my son because I thought he’d taken something from the store; after he started crying I realized he’d done nothing.  Seeing his tears, I felt like the lowest human being on the planet.


Same thing—too many to single out. The best moments, though, are those when I know the kids appreciate me. My step-daughters will spontaneously give me hugs and my boys will tell me how much they like hanging out with me. There are so many times when I wonder if I’m ever getting through to them, but when they act like this I know I’m making a positive impact.

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3 thoughts on “RON MATTOCKS Clark Kent’s lunchbox and James Bond’s charisma.

  • September 16, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    I don’t know… this guy sounds awfully suspicious. Coldpay? (thank you for the feature–I am exceedingly grateful for it. Especially with you being so cool and all.)


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