WE HAVE A POWERFUL & INFORMATIVE post on @TheParentduJour today, written by Kristin Wald, our educational advisor: All Parents Want a Life Free From Hunger for Their Children.
Kristin attended the kick-off event for Save the Children’s report, “A Life Free From Hunger”, about global malnutrition and what the global community can do about it.

I know what you’re thinking: “Lisa, please don’t make me read another sad article about starving children who I can’t possibly help.”

YOU know how I feel about the word ‘global’. I’m cautious when using it because it can create distance between you and the problem at hand, promoting the feeling that the problem exists “over there”, not in our own communities.

I want you to read this article and learn more about Save the Children because awareness is the first step to solving any problem.

BUT I believe that the solution to every global problem starts with a local action.

There are hungry children living in your town, city or state, right now. There are agencies and organizations dedicated to addressing the needs of those families and children, right now — and you can contact them and begin adding to the solution —right now.

Start by Googling.

I typed in:    hungry   children   programs   essex  county

and here’s just part of page one of the results

NCJW Essex County Section. Empty Bowls No More: Help NCJW Fight Hunger in NJ. Every night, 300000 children in New Jersey go to bed hungry. Become a volunteer for our new Moving Forward program, which gives teenage girls in
It provides links for tax assistance, energy assistance, child care, etc. Pre-screening software programs can help to determine if it is worthwhile to pursue an Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition (formerly SEFAN) · New Jersey Association of Child Family Support Organization of Essex County · Family Support Organization of
The New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition is a program of the Center for Food Action and technical assistance to 75 food pantries in four counties – Bergen, Essex, This site provides a pantry, a shelter for women and children, transitional
No Child Should Go Hungry Kids Cafe is a program of Feeding America, we have Kids Cafes located in Essex, Hudson, Morris and Passaic counties.
YOU – WE – CAN help to end global hunger if we start by recognizing that “global” includes our own backyard.

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  • February 17, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    Lisa is correct in that we must care for children close to home. It's so important to our everyday existence.

    But some reasons we must also pay attention to children far away are partly due to our responsibility – climate change/drought which we contribute to, the effects of large companies that WE benefit from, and simply being some of the wealthiest people on earth – and partly to protect our own children's futures. Children who suffer malnutrition in the first two years are less able to be productive citizens in their own countries. This then causes a cycle of poverty and need for generations to come. It will affect future economies and health crises as our world becomes smaller due to travel and communication. Even the poorest children in the US and Canada have access to fortified cereals (even the sugar cereals are fortified!) and services. These things simply don't exist for the vast amount of the world's poor.

    Attending this session made me feel helpless, guilty, generous, and empowered at once. Pay attention to the upcoming G8 in Chicago. Make your opinion known about the G8 countries and their responsibility to the world's poor.


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