YANNI CHENG (程燕妮) Singaporean mom-preneur living in Tianjin, China.

* Editor’s Note * We continue with our mission to find parents in other countries to participate in The Parent du Jour. In the case of Yanni Cheng, an entrepreneurial mom from Singapore, now living in China, we were lucky to be found by her! We are so pleased to present Yanni’s profile and are grateful she took the time to include each response in both English and Chinese. 感謝你雅尼!

AGE   32

HOMETOWN / WHERE DO YOU LIVE NOW?   I’m a Singaporean living in Tianjin, China

I blog at Of Yaps and Cheng and I have an online store specializing in boys clothing on Small red fish

of yaps and cheng.wordpress.com   是我个人的博客空间,www.smallredfish.sg   是我卖男童装的网店。

NUMBER OF CHILDREN   One very active 2.5-year-old boy


DAY JOB   I’ve been a stay-home mum for the past two and half years. Deciding it’s time to be less of a mummy and more of an independent woman, I began dabbling in retail for boys clothing. I used to be a market research consultant, and although I no longer crunch data, I continue to be critical of survey findings reported in the news.

最近两年半我一直是个全职妈妈。后来觉得够了, 不能再只当妈妈,也得当一当现代独立女性,所以开始搞了一间网店专卖男童装。在当妈妈前我从事市场调查顾问。

Happily married to a man who once was a classmate in junior college. We were totally uninterested in each other back in school, but some magic happened many years later, and so here we are today.

我和老公以前是同班同学,可是我们当时对彼此完全没感觉。 后来入社会工作后,不自觉擦出一些火花,才成就今天的我们。

HOW DO YOU COMBINE WORK AND FAMILY? How have you, or you and your partner, arranged your life/schedule to provide the daily care for your kid(s)?

It was pretty impossible to work when our son was younger and demanded my full attention. Being without our extended family with us means we were on our own, and we weren’t for the idea of childcare. So I quit my job, my husband brings in the bread and I cook it. And on weekends, we order in.

Now that the little one is almost preschool-age, I am looking forward to working in an office again and interacting with the adults, and the little one can learn to socialize with other little ones.

主要是老公工作, 我全职看孩子。儿子还小的时后需要你全神贯注的照顾他, 我们又孤身在天津家人在新加坡,所以也没有家人的帮助。我们也不愿意把小孩寄在托儿所。所以根本没办法去上班,只好辞职。

HOW HAS PARENTING CHANGED YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL? For instance are you now careful, when pre-children you led bungee jumping and sky diving expeditions?

I have definitely learned to exercise patience. I used to have very low tolerance for things that are not up to speed, but with a toddler, you have no choice but learn to take a deep breath and exercise patience.



Based on roles we have given ourselves – man is breadwinner and wifey is mummy – we naturally have little time to nurture our relationship. That makes us better appreciate every minute we have for each other. Love and trust keep us emotionally close, so we’re happy.


WHO ELSE PROVIDES CHILDCARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN? Do you have unpaid family or friends providing help or do you have paid nannies/babysitters/au pairs?

We are grateful that the grandparents and our siblings are ever willing to help in taking care of our son whenever we visit Singapore. We are very lucky.

我们很幸运。回去新加坡探亲时, 父母和兄弟姐妹都很帮忙看护小朋友,让我们两能喘口气。


When I am mentally and physically exhausted from the full-time caretaking and yet my kid bombards me with incessant whining for non-stop attention and activities. To survive and maintain my sanity, I plonk both of us in front of the TV for long stretches of time. But I always end such times feeling very guilty for such unproductive days.



Watching him dig in to the meals I prepared with relish. Hearing him sing himself to sleep. Watching him gallop like the wind in open spaces. Hearing him laugh at some silly pranks and antics he created, etc. It’s immensely rewarding to watch him grow and learn new skills day by day, and not missing any of it because we are together every minute.

看他吃着我煮的饭吃的津津有味、听他唱歌哄自己睡觉、 看着他在操场飞快的奔跑着、听他大笑等等。能够一次不漏的见证他一天天长大成熟,学习新的东西是我最大的收货。也只因为我是全职妈妈全天陪伴着他 。

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