DAVID PLOTKIN Father of three kids and The Max Cure Foundation.

AGE   39

HOMETOWN / WHERE DO YOU LIVE NOW?   Born in West Orange NJ, lived in Manhattan for twenty years and now reside in Tenafly NJ

@TWITTER   @DavidMaxCure

ON THE WEB   Max Cure Foundation.org


DAY JOB   Chairman and Co- Founder of The Max Cure Foundation for pediatric cancer causes; entrepreneur



For years while I traded stocks in the financial industry I had a very hard time finding the balance between work and family. My focus was on work and I spent countless hours studying money flows, analyzing charts while reading through newspapers & research reports. I also spent a great deal of time networking.

After, Max was diagnosed with Cancer in May 2007, it was a wake up call for me. I realized how precious life is and how it can change at anytime without warning. My perspective and purpose changed instantaneously.

My wife, Annemarie is amazing. She is very organized and methodical. She keeps things in order and makes sure that the kids are on a schedule so that they don’t wander off track. We are a great team, we balance each other quite well. As a father, I tend to give in more — but that of course is not always the solution, it’s just easier sometimes.


When Max was diagnosed with Cancer we were told he had a long road ahead of him.

It was a road that would be dark and painful, but one that must be taken for him to have any chance of survival. Not knowing how to tell him at four years old how to to be brave, or how to fight, I had to show him.

So, I trained and ran in the NYC Marathon in 2007. I did this to show him that anything is possible. I know, running the marathon pails in comparison to a child battling cancer, but at the time I never ran more then four miles in my whole life. I wanted to show him that it is not about coming in first, it is about crossing the finish line at your own pace.

I had no idea what the end result was going to be for Max, but I prayed every night, that he would cross the finish line one day and be cancer free. I am a true believer in leading by example. There are lessons in life that only a parent can teach to their children. These lessons cannot be taught by video games or teachers.

They start in the home, they start today.


My worst parenting moment is when I am with my family and an email or a call comes through and I feel as if everything I am doing needs to stop, so that I can respond instantly.

That is the problem with technology. Today, many including myself, feel as if we need to be reachable at all times. The reality is, those emails and calls are not nearly as important as family. They will be there when the game is over, or after dinner.


To think that my son Max, and his brave fight, has inspired me to rethink the life I had lived for 39 years is surreal. I am grateful that The Max Cure Foundation is making a difference in the lives of families living with pediatric cancer. I am proud to be able to work with world premiere hospitals and researchers, by providing them funding for less toxic treatments to these children. I only wish that Max Cure had evolved in some other fashion — and not from Max having cancer.

We are blessed that today Max is 9 years old and is in remission. But the journey never gets any easier.

The treatment, chemotherapy, is like a tsunami and takes out everything in its path. While we wait for the flowers to bloom again one day, our greatest fear is that the weeds grow back.


Turn off the technology and enjoy your family.

Lisa Duggan

Lisa Duggan is the Founder and CEO of The Modern Village, and publisher of TheParentduJour.com and TheMotherHoodBlog.com.

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